1-3.08 2014 Siuntio


We have the pleasure to invite you to the 2014 Finnish Open 3D competition in Siuntio, Finland.  The event takes place between 1th to 3 th August 2013.

The competition is open to the members of all archery associations and all IFAA shooting styles. The event follows the rules and regulations set for the IFAA 3D animal rounds.
Saturday August 2th is shot as the IFAA 3-D Standard Round (2 arrows).
Sunday August 3th is shot as the IFAA 3-D Animal Unmarked Round (3 arrows).

The course is laid around the Rantasipi Siuntio spa and is located approximately 40km west of Helsinki.
The course takes the archers to a challenging and varying forest terrain that is typical for Finland. These same surroundings have been previously used in the Finnish Open 2012 and EFAC 2006 competitions.

In addition to the Finnish Open event office, the Rantasipi Spa & Hotel hosts the facilities for accommodation, spa, and restaurant services.

We warmly welcome you to Siuntio this August!

FFAA, Finnish Field Archery Association
Organizing committee